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OptionVue 7 Tutorial Video Series - 12. Portfolio Trade Entry

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In this tutorial video, learn how to enter and convert a trade, what that means as well as start exploring the capabilites of the T.Log (Transaction Log).

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  • ttf236 Added http://www.tytqz.com/
    http://www.tjrunhui.co m/
  • A Added How to convert a stock trade?
  • UKnowItsTrue Added This seems like a brilliant program but archaic and unintuitive and rigid to its detriment. Sorry, but this is important. There is a scaffolding of assumptions inherent in modern UX design which are not a mere fad, but an efficient convention which makes it possible to offer complex solutions without requiring steep learning curves.

    Speaking of curves, this looks like it's running on my ZX Spectrum emulator. Or is it Windows 3.1-y? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure I still had hair when apps looked like this with a straight face.

    What a freakin pitty because the thing is really great. Can you just give it to some hipsters with UX in ther resume to change it around? Make the "meaty" libraries read-only, but dear god, the UI...